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Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Founder and CEO Jessica Penrose first conceived of this mask 10 years ago in the Black Rock Desert as a lightweight, fashionable protectant from the dust swirling around her on her journey.

Now we bring you the fully realized product - easy to wear, easy on the eyes, and easy to breathe through. The Lave pollution mask is designed to house a carbon filter to remove airborne particulate matter - dust, pollutants, smog, smoke, and more - while looking discreet and stylish.

As we bring our new business up and running, we are working hard to source our materials both ethically and sustainably while keeping our costs affordable for you. We are also donating a portion of our profits to support non-profit organizations that focus on creating awareness and spurring activism regarding air-quality here in our home state of Utah.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical device. We suggest using our product as a fashion accessory aimed at reducing your respiratory intake of airborne pollutants in conjunction with systematically evaluated filters currently on the market. While we make no claims on the efficacy of other products, we believe any filtration is better than no filtration, and assert our desire to minimize airborne health hazards.

With regard to the circulation of COVID-19, we urge you to consult your doctors and published government guidelines on how to reduce your chances of exposure.